Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pneumatic circuit.

I made a pneumatic circuit a couple days ago. I was trying to have fun and make the pneumatic cylinders go in and out without any help from me other then pumping. So I made a tiny version with no gauge or tank and it just constantly went in and out as I pumped air. I then changed it to make it have a tank so I put it all on a larger baseplate (the size of 4 of the ones I was previously using) and added a tank and gauge. But then I noticed that wont do anything beacsue it is still constantly using air as I pump. I then attached a switch which was placed in the middle. ANd I spread the pistons out a little more. The switch would stop air flow so that it will just stuff the tank with air. Then I can start it by pushing the switch the the left. After it is done though it is quite annoying when it starts to move soo slow. But you want the air out without having to be forced to either remove a pipe or wait while it slowly looses air. So the switch can also be switched to the right to make all the air be removed. It will just let it out one side.


properpropeller said...

Nice! I made a similar one that was built in studless technic.

megamindstorm101 said...

well i found that using studedd just a little to let it sit on that baseplate worked nice. Normally I dont use studded but I recently found that my huge baseplate works great with setting things on and testing different things and hoiw they work.