Monday, July 28, 2008

Lego Education's WeDo

Just a couple days ago, Lego Education unveiled "WeDo". Not Much information on it yet, but I do know that It comes with 158 multi-colored Lego Technic and System elements, one medium sized Power Functions motor, one tilt sensor, one motion sensor, one Lego USB hub, and a simple, easy to use programming setup. Looks like a really cool product that could be useful to technic builders and young robotics fans. Cant wait to see more on this.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pneumatics are Back!

We all are pretty happy that LEGO has released a Pneumatic set with a white compressor tank, 1 hand pump, and 2 pneumatic cylinders. It also includes 3 switches and 1 dial-type pressure gauge. It says it contains 31 specialty parts. It is a bit pricey at $55 for a pre-order, although it is probably guaranteed to be in good condition. Click Here for the link on LEGO Education.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Next Generation of NXT Propulsion(2)

I saw Mike1's post about the propeller vehicles. And I realized that I could use a super speedy dc motor with a model airplane propeller and tape it to a simple lego technic chassis. It was powered by a 9 volt battery. I have some pictures below and a video at:

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Generation of NXT Propulsion?

Could two robots be paving the road for a new propulsion? Two robots have been made to propel themselves forward with propellers! It is actually be harder than you think! I have made the first one. Linus at was able to make one that was way better than mine able to race across the ground. If you want to give it a spin go ahead! Drop me a line if you ever build one. Here are the two forum links:

(The picture was taken while the blade was in action)

Update: I have made a V2 of my propeller car using only 2 motors still alowing a 3rd to be used for steering (I haven't planed the steering yet) Here is a picture and the forum topic at NXTasy:

Friday, July 4, 2008

The 8275 was Here for However Short a Period?

Just recently Lego Shop at Home had re-released the 8275 Bulldozer! And if it just coming back wasn't enough, it went on sale for $74.95 USD! I had to seize the opportunity and purchase it. When I first noticed it on I was debating to buy it that day or the next because it was really late already. Being as enthusiastic as I am, I bought it then and there, worrying that if I waited, it would be sold out. Wouldn't you guess that it was sold out the very next day. I was soooo happy I bought it! Although, as it was mentioned on TechnicBrick's, another color other than yellow would have been nice. Oh, I can't wait for mine to get here........NOT! I called and it turned out that the whole thing was an accident..The bulldozer wasn't meant to come back. Instead I ordered the 8297 Off Roader!!!!