Monday, July 7, 2008

New Generation of NXT Propulsion?

Could two robots be paving the road for a new propulsion? Two robots have been made to propel themselves forward with propellers! It is actually be harder than you think! I have made the first one. Linus at was able to make one that was way better than mine able to race across the ground. If you want to give it a spin go ahead! Drop me a line if you ever build one. Here are the two forum links:

(The picture was taken while the blade was in action)

Update: I have made a V2 of my propeller car using only 2 motors still alowing a 3rd to be used for steering (I haven't planed the steering yet) Here is a picture and the forum topic at NXTasy:

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properpropeller said...

Wow! I'll try an make one and if it works I'll post an LDD.