Friday, July 4, 2008

The 8275 was Here for However Short a Period?

Just recently Lego Shop at Home had re-released the 8275 Bulldozer! And if it just coming back wasn't enough, it went on sale for $74.95 USD! I had to seize the opportunity and purchase it. When I first noticed it on I was debating to buy it that day or the next because it was really late already. Being as enthusiastic as I am, I bought it then and there, worrying that if I waited, it would be sold out. Wouldn't you guess that it was sold out the very next day. I was soooo happy I bought it! Although, as it was mentioned on TechnicBrick's, another color other than yellow would have been nice. Oh, I can't wait for mine to get here........NOT! I called and it turned out that the whole thing was an accident..The bulldozer wasn't meant to come back. Instead I ordered the 8297 Off Roader!!!!

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