Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rally Truck out but is it good?

Well as we can see lego s @ h now has the Rally Truck here . It looks ok but lets take a look at one of the reviews. Here states a reviewer "The set is good, but I see a lot of things could be better" Also the reviewer states in another sentence "The suspension in the front is good, but the rear sus. could be a bit more realistic." the review says the there is no need to buy two as some peopel do with other great sets. There is no cylinder engine as most other small sets include. Is this a bad sign or do they just want to surprize people with great sets. Of course Im sure some child will love to have a new rally truck for the holidays (whever your holiday is of course) but it just seems as if they have just gone downhill.

these are the views of me and nobody else at Tepnam was helping me write this.

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