Sunday, February 1, 2009

2H 2009 Sets!

Brickshelf user Chiabep recently uploaded images of all four 2h 2009 Technic sets! It looks to me that Lego has made up for all of the small 1h sets.

1. #8063 Tractor and Trailer

This 1st set is not noticeably different than the 8284 besides it's trailer, a new colour scheme, and some new panels. The trailer has one linear actuator and a trailer with 13 or 14 of the panels from the 8264! It looks like there was not much work put in to this model, although there may be some internal modifications to the tractor.

2. #8265 Front End Loader

Although this set looks completely awesome, it seems like a (mostly) studless remake of the 8459. Besides that, it is a great set. It features two linear actuators to lift and tilt the blade. There is also a v6 or v8 cylinder engine that you could remove to motorize the model with Power Functions motors. Lego is definitely keeping up with the "yellow construction set trend" too.

3. #8263 Snow Groomer

Obviously the smallest set for this release, the snow groomer is low on functions but sitll a great model. As a set Lego has never made before (to my knowledge), this is a good first try. On the flipside, it has 12 link tread sprockets, and almost a dozen technic panels, so it is a good set for MOC parts.

4. #8258 Crane Truck

As anticipated, the Crane Truck seems to be the Technic flagship for 2009. It may not be in the 1,800 piece+ category, but it has:

-PF M motor

-PF Switch

-2 Linear Actuators

-and a variety of new panels

Besides the parts, this set is very functional. It features working stabilizers (unlike the 8295), an arm that uses the 2 linear actuators to move it up and down that telescopes at the top with a hook at the end, and working front wheel steering.


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