Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Almost Stock Fast NXT Racer

I've seen many attempts on NXT dragsters and I have taken the advantage of the powerful moters to provide a efficient gearing system. This robot almost uses all stock parts that came in the set. The front wheels can be modified, I have used small wheels because I lost some wheels. The second peice that is non-stock is the extra 40 tooth gear to provide more toque transfered to the wheels. Surpprisingly the robot was able to reach a 6.18686869 MPH and had a second test with a longer track that had 6.7 MPH. The speed was according to the motor encoders and I did the caculations on a caculator to ease the CPU and have more accurate results. It uses my trusty gear ratio that had never failed me before on any of my robots. It goes for 3 seconds in the youtube video and attempts to stop but sometimes dives off the end of the floor and crashes into the stairs. While the motors are going, the NXT takes in the difference between the encoders every half a second and writes it to FLASH memory.

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properpropeller said...

Nice work! I want to build this! Could you please e-mail me some more pictures?